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1 Week Left to Save $80 While Learning Biological Farming This Summer

Good news! You still have one week left to save $80 on your registration for the 2021 On-Farm Intensive with Gary Zimmer. Sign up by June 9th and secure your spot on the ground at Gary’s own organic farm. Be ready to get your boots and hands dirty, to ask questions, and to learn by doing.

On-Farm Intensive with Zimmer Ag
July 19-20, 2021
Early Bird Pricing Deadline: June 9th
Save $80 by registering early! Register here.

Our Focus: Delivering an Immediate ROI 

Gary Zimmer and Leilani Zimmer-Durand, owners and operators of the Otter Creek Organic Farm, founders of Zimmer Ag and authors of The Biological Farmer, will lead the practical, farmer-driven workshops that fill this two-day educational intensive. You will return to your farm and be able to apply tactics immediately around:

  1. balancing soil through natural inputs and systems,
  2. storing carbon with cover crops,
  3. tilling smartly to ensure nutrient availability, 
  4. managing water efficiently,
  5. planting strategic companion crops,
  6. implementing permaculture tactics, and
  7. building cooperation with neighbors.

Focus: Cover Crops & Short Rotations
One thing you will find on the Otter Creek Organic Farm: cover crops, short rotations and a purpose for every field. As you walk the properties and experience hands-on learning, Gary and Leilani will talk about the role of different types of cover crops, the practical aspects of managing cover crops in your crop rotation, and dig into the soil to look at some of the improvements brought about by adding a diversity of cover crops.

You’ll learn even more at the event! Check out our informative sessions here.

Save $80 by registering for the On-Farm Intensive by June 9th. Sign up here.

Otter Creek Farm
Learn on the ground at Gary Zimmer’s Otter Creek Organic Farm in Lone Rock, Wisconsin.