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Advancing Industrial Hemp 2021

In 2020 and 2021, Acres U.S.A. held Advancing Industrial Hemp events which brought together industry-leading experts and growers who delved into seed selection, soil analysis, crop nutrition, and farming systems.

This event was designed for experienced and new hemp growers who want to learn what it takes to increase CBD percentages, boost yields and develop a more profitable, high-quality crop. In addition to providing in-depth insights into the farming practices used by successful hemp growers, the event offered informative sessions on economic trends as well as the ins and outs of supply chains.

Find the program, speakers, recap and replay information below!

The Program

2021 Sessions included:

  • Hemp Industry & Business Update
  • Selecting the Right Seed and Clones
  • Optimizing Plant Nutrition & Soil Health for Hemp
  • Hemp Farming Systems
  • Hemp Pest Management
  • Hemp Farmer Perspectives Panel
  • Hemp Consulting Rooms

The Speakers

We put together an expert speaker line-up of soil health experts and hemp industry innovators who provided attendees with real management techniques and information to take right back to their farms. Including:

  • John Kempf — Advancing Eco Agriculture
  • Gary Reding — soil health specialist and author
  • Raymond French —  author 
  • Whitney Cranshaw —  entomologist 
  • Kristen Nichols — Hemp Industry Daily editor 
  • Gary Chavez —  Sante Fe Farm 
  • Kyle Bingham —  Bingham Family Organics 
  • Josh Gulliver — J and J Organics 

Hemp Consulting Hours

Our free Hemp Consulting Hour allowed participants to talk with all of our sponsors and soil experts to find solutions for their farm’s soil health and hemp production problems.

Topics Included

  • Mycorrhizae and Hemp: Microbes to Maximize Crop Performance 
  • Boosting Secondary Metabolites in Cannabis with Fish Hydrolysate 
  • Preventing Transplant Shock and Botrytis Bud Rot 
  • Biological Farm Management: Using Biology to Unlock Your Soil’s Full Potential 

2021 Event Recap

Thanks to all speakers, participants, sponsors and attendees of our highly successful 2021 Advancing Industrial Hemp event!

Check out our summary of the event – including photos – right here!

2021 Advancing Hemp screenshots

Purchase the Replay!

Advancing Hemp 2021 replay

Get more than 5 hours of amazing talks and speakers that are designed to move your hemp operation forward. From soil management strategies to cloning to genetics, we cover everything a modern hemp grower needs to know.

This 2021 event replay includes all the content experienced live! It is designed for experienced and new hemp growers who want to learn what it takes to develop a more profitable, high-quality crop. Recorded live on May 20, 2021. 

Free Hemp Booklet

Download this informative booklet that was released in conjunction with the 2021 Advancing Industrial Hemp event. This booklet is filled with educational articles written by experts on how to grow hemp in a sustainable, eco-friendly, economical manner.