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2022 Summer Bestsellers at the Acres U.S.A. Bookstore (So Far)

Summer is in full swing here at Acres U.S.A. HQ – and we’re taking a look at the bestselling books so far this season. The Acres U.S.A. Bookstore features books on every facet of farming imaginable – from soil to seed to selling your produce, and all in between. Let’s take a look at the bestselling titles so far this summer – which ones have you read?

Sea Energy Agriculture by Maynard Murray

Maynard Murray was a medical doctor who researched the crucial importance of minerals — especially trace elements — to plants and animals. Beginning in 1938 and continuing through the 1950s, Dr. Murray used sea solids — mineral salts remaining after water is evaporated from ocean water — as fertilizer on a variety of vegetables, fruits and grains. Learn more here.

When Weeds Talk by Jay L. McCaman

In this book, hundreds of weeds of commercial importance are detailed along with the chemical analysis of accompanying soils. For example, burdock grows in soils with very high levels of iron and sulfate, very low levels of calcium and manganese. Balance the soil, lose the weed. Learn more here.

Seed to Seed by Suzanne Ashworth

Complete seed-saving guide describing specific techniques for saving the seeds of 160 vegetables. Detailed information on each vegetable includes: botanical classification, flower structure and pollination, isolation distance, population size, caging or hand pollination, and proper methods to grow, harvest, dry, clean and store seeds. Learn more here.

Natural Horse Care by Pat Coleby

Pat Coleby shares decades of experience working with a variety of horses. She explains how conventional farming and husbandry practices compromise livestock health, resulting in problems that standard veterinary techniques can’t properly address. Learn more here.

Natural Sheep Care by Pat Coleby

Pat Coleby covers breeds of sheep, wool, meat and milk production, feeding requirements, poisonous plants, land management, minerals and vitamins, herbal, homeopathic and natural remedies, and more. Learn more here.

Minerals for the Genetic Code by Charles Walters

In this cutting-edge book, the connection is made between the physical, chemical and biological aspects of minerals and subatomic particles in the life process, and assignment is made of the specific mineral that governs each entry in the genetic code. This knowledge, based on peer-reviewed medical literature as well as research by forgotten innovators, suggests an end to the tyranny of pharmaceuticals. Learn more here.

Natural Goat Care by Pat Coleby

In Natural Goat Care, consultant Pat Coleby shows how to solve health problems both with natural herbs and medicines and the ultimate cure, bringing the soil into healthy balance. opics include: correct housing and farming methods; choosing the right livestock; diagnosing health problems; nutritional requirements and feeding practices; vitamins and herbal, homeopathic and natural remedies; psychological needs of goats; breeds & breeding techniques. Learn more here.

Roller/Crimper No-Till by Jeff Moyer

Based on the latest research by pioneering agriculturists, this book arms you with new technologies and tools based on sound biological principles, making it possible to reduce and even eliminate tillage. Jeff Moyer’s clear and comprehensive guided tour of non-toxic, roller/crimper-based no-till is based on using soil biology to power the system. Learn more here.

Weeds – Control Without Poisons by Charles Walters

From Acres U.S.A. founder Charles Walters – specifics on a hundred weeds, why they grow, what soil conditions spur them on or stop them, what they say about your soil, and how to control them without the obscene presence of poisons. All cross-referenced by scientific and various common names, and a pictorial glossary. Learn more here.

Growing Life: Regenerating Farming and Ranching by André Leu

Expert farmer, speaker and author André Leu explores the fundamentals of regenerative agriculture, including specific, proven steps designed to grow healthy food, while protecting our natural resources like clean water, soil and air. Learn more here.

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