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3 Things Guaranteed to Happen at the Eco-Ag Conference Next Week

We can’t believe it – the 2022 Eco-Ag Conference & Trade Show is next week! From Monday, Dec. 5 through Thursday, Dec. 8, we’ll be in Covington, Kentucky, – just across the river from beautiful Cincinnati, Ohio – discussing ecological, regenerative agriculture with farmers, ranchers, and industry experts from around the nation and the world!

Those who have attended the Eco-Ag Conference & Trade Show at any point during its 46-year run will know that it’s unlike any other agriculture event you’ll attend. Whether you’re brand-new to the mission or the conference, or you’re one of our valued and anticipated return attendees, we can just about guarantee that you will experience the following next week:

1 – You’ll Meet the Experts Face to Face

Paul Dorrance 2021 book signing
Paul Dorrance chats with an Eco-Ag Conference attendee at his book signing after his session in 2021.

While some conferences put their experts up on a platform and whisk them away afterwards, that’s not the case at the Acres U.S.A. Eco-Ag Conference! Our attendees get many chances to meet and speak with our expert presenters, including:

  • Talking before and after sessions
  • Attending a Consulting Hall or Roundtable
  • Meeting up in the Trade Show
  • Attending a Book Signing

2 – You’ll Fill Your Notebook

2021 Eco-Ag U workshop attendee taking notes
An attendee of the 2021 Eco-Ag U workshop featuring Nicole Masters and John Kempf takes diligent notes.

One of the most common complaints we hear at the conference is that people are running out of space in their notebooks! Be sure to bring an empty notebook or even an extra for all the notes you’re going to jot down during presentations by over 45 speakers on a wide variety of topics.

Luckily, a visit to the Trade Show floor will land you an armful of swag, which often includes an extra notepad or too. You can also jot down notes in the margins of the speakers’ books, available at the Acres U.S.A. Bookstore on-site!

Whatever your preferred method of taking notes, you’ll come away with plenty of new information, including practical, applicable tactics you can apply right away to grow and improve your operation.

3 – You’ll Make New Friends

2021 Eco-Ag Conference attendees talking
An after-session discussion among 2021 Eco-Ag Conference attendees.

There’s an extra element to the Eco-Ag Conference that you can only really experience once you’ve been there – and that’s “the buzz.” It’s the conversations that fill up the hallways and spaces in between sessions, as people begin to talk to each other about what they’ve learned.

Because you’re not only there with the experts – you’re there with hundreds of fellow farmers, ranchers, and industry professionals who represent a range of experience and talent within their own fields and operations. And talking with them will only increase your knowledge and your network as you make the next steps toward improving your operation.

Don’t Miss Out! Join Us Next Week!

You absolutely can’t miss out on the 2022 Eco-Ag Conference & Trade Show! A quick glance at our information-packed program and stellar speaker lineup will confirm that this is the place to get the education you need for practical, applicable management tactics for a more ecological and economical farm. Don’t wait – sign up today! Learn more at

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