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7 On-Sale Books to Improve Your Farm This Winter

Acres U.S.A. has published some of the foundation books on the science and practice of eco-farming. Get these incredibly educational and helpful titles for your bookshelf – and do it now while they’re 50% off!

Here are 7 on-sale books that will help you improve your farm, ranch or growing operation this year:

1 – Albrecht on Soil Balancing, Vol. VII

Dr. William A. Albrecht’s work provides an indispensable foundation for anyone interested in sustainable, ecologically responsible agriculture.

Dr. William Albrecht
Dr. William A. Albrecht

In this book on soil balancing, Albrecht reveals the importance of the balance equation, that it isn’t enough to have nutrient to soil connections, it is the ratio of one element to another that counts. Albrecht’s insight further reveals that an ounce of prevention in the form of balanced plant nutrition from fertile soils is better than a pound of cure using dangerous poisons.

Be sure to check out his Vol. V on calcium and his Vol. VI on pastures for the 50% off deal as well!

2 – Agriculture in Transition by Donald L. Schriefer

Donald L. Schriefer was a pioneer in developing an awareness of the relation of tillage to soil fertility, focusing on three major soil basics — soil aeration, soil water, and soil decay.

This book covers such topics as soil chemistry, plant and soil dynamics, above- and below-ground plant management, row support fertilization, zone-tillage, disc-chiseling, and more. 

3 – The Farm as Ecosystem by Jerry Brunetti

Jerry Brunetti worked as a soil and crop consultant, primarily for livestock farms and ranches, and improved crop quality and livestock performance and health on certified organic farms. He also spoke widely on the topics of human, animal and farm health.

Jerry Brunetti
Jerry Brunetti

This book guides the reader on a journey through the modern farm as an ecosystem, providing intimate anecdotes and comprehensive details that appreciate all dimensions of the farm. Brunetti’s work is invaluable to the contemporary farmer and to those seeking an original appraisal of farming and its future.

4 – Dr. Paul Dettloff’s Complete Guide to Raising Animals Organically

In this book, Dr. Paul Dettloff hands over a literal lifetime of learning and observation on how to raise livestock in healthier, more productive, and more humane ways. He teaches how to move from the current conventional veterinary practice of chasing symptoms toward a holistic, sustainable practice that seeks the cause behind the symptoms and values the lives of animals as well as the humans who consume their products.

Dr. Paul Dettloff at Eco-Ag Conference
Dr. Paul Dettloff leads a presentation at the 2021 Acres U.S.A. Eco-Ag Conference & Trade Show.

This guide to raising animals organically describes the various biological systems in ruminants and how to address issues of health and illness on the farm. Specific natural treatments for numerous chronic illnesses, diseases and injuries are covered in language a layman can understand.

5 – Foundations of Natural Farming by Dr. Harold Willis

Longtime ecological farming author/researcher Harold Willis explains the foundation concepts of natural farming and issues the call for cleaner forms of food and fiber production. In this single volume, the author details the interconnections between soil chemistry, microbial life, plants and livestock. 

Dr. Willis also has several other books on sale for half off this week, including How to Grow Super Soybeans and How to Grow Top Quality Corn.

6 – The Modern Grower’s Guide to Terra Preta by Caroline Pfützner

This practical book by a world authority on the subject practically guarantees success in production and application of terra preta whether in the garden, raised beds, larger growing operations, or simple balcony boxes. Practical examples from commercial-scale agriculture illustrate the true potential of terra preta.

7 – My Farmer, My Customer by Marty Travis

Written by the co-owner of the Spence Farm featured in the documentary Sustainable, this book provides the reader with the necessary steps an owner-operator must take to set up their family farm for long-term success.

Marty Travis, a seasoned farmer, writes each chapter like a neighbor giving trusted advice, including honest details about what worked and what failed — more reasons this book is so special.

Marty Travis at Eco-Ag Conference
Marty Travis delivers a presentation at the 2021 Acres U.S.A. Eco-Ag Conference & Trade Show.

It’s a must read for anyone who is passionate about healthy food and healthy farms, from chefs to home cooks to the commercial grower.

Find More Books at 50% Off!

This list of 7 is just the start of the highly informative, educational books that you’ll find on sale this week. Fill in the gaps in your bookshelf or library by heading over to the Acres U.S.A. Bookstore and taking advantage of this great deal before it ends on Monday, Jan. 31!

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