Sept. 20, 2018

If you would prefer to talk to a human, please call between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m., M-F, CT, or send us a note with your contact information at, and we’ll call you as soon as we get in.

Thanks for shopping with Acres U.S.A. We just improved a bunch of stuff on our website, and hope we didnt lose you in the process. Just in case, we included a few short answers to a few common questions below in case you’re having trouble.

What’s new?

We’ve simplified our shopping cart and have now given our magazine subscribers the ability to manage their accounts and renew online. We will also be rolling out new products focused on eco-agriculture that we could never deliver before.

Can I review the products after I purchase them?

Yes, we encourage reviews on our products to help others make decisions about what book, audio, magazine subscription or event will help them the most.

Will I have to set up a new account?

Nope. Our new website should recognize your email address, but for privacy reasons, you will have to reset your password.

Will downloadable audio work better?

Yes. We know our previous website was a little clunky. Now, you will get an email instantly after checkout that will include a link to download your audio. You can also get it through your account on the website.

Is more secure?

Yes, our new website is using state-of-the-art security measures to protect you and your personal information. We will never share that unless you tell us to.

Did go away?

Not at all! We’ve got big plans for that as well. Catch all our long-form and thought pieces over there on our blog at

Have feedback? Send GM Ryan Slabaugh a note at