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André Leu to Present 2 Sessions at Eco-Ag Conference

We are thrilled to announce that regenerative farmer and author André Leu will be presenting two sessions this year at the 2021 Eco-Ag Conference!

Andre Leu

André Leu is a practicing farmer and the international director of Regeneration International, an organization that promotes food, farming and land-use systems that regenerate and stabilize climate systems, the health of the planet and people. Regeneration International has more than 370 partners in 70 countries and works with numerous agricultural systems such as agroecology, organic, permaculture, ecological agriculture, holistic grazing, biological agriculture, organic agriculture and agroforestry.

André published a new book in 2021 called Growing Life. Besides his two other books titled Poisoning Our Children (2018) and The Myths of Safe Pesticides (2014), his work shows up in television, magazines universities, institutions, NGOs and workshops around the world, including the United Nations. André and his wife, Julia, own and manage an organic tropical fruit farm in Daintree, in Australia.

Growing Life – Maximizing Solar Energy

Tuesday, Dec. 6

Committing to a nontoxic, regenerative farming program might not be an easy decision. But once you commit, what comes next? Join Regeneration International’s André Leu, who will lead students in creating a regenerative farming/ranching system. He starts with photosynthesis, the basis of nearly all the compounds needed to support life. Many of these compounds produced in plant leaves are excreted by the roots to feed the soil microbiome to build soil health and fertility.  Logically, the greater the amount of solar energy captured by maximizing photosynthesis, the greater the productivity of the farming ecosystem

Total Soil Health: The Importance of Soil Organic Matter and Mineral Balance

Thursday, Dec. 9

Soil organic matter is the basis of soil health as it is critical for water holding capacity, nutrient storage, especially nitrogen, a healthy and biodiverse soil microbiome as well as an open and well-drained structure that assists root growth. Equally important is good mineral balance as maximum yield is not determined by the nutrients with the highest levels. It is determined by the nutrients at the lowest levels as deficiencies reduce yields. Correcting deficiencies and maintaining good levels of soil organic matter are essential to achieve high yields and resilience to pests, diseases and adverse weather.

Check out the full program here – and go ahead and register here.

The 2021 Eco-Ag Conference will take place Dec. 6-9 in person, in Cincinnati, Ohio. Learn more about the whole event here.