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August Book Sale Ending Tomorrow!

It’s hard to believe, but it’ll be September in two days! This means our August-long book sale ends tomorrow at the stroke of midnight. Make sure you take advantage of our deals, including some books that are marked down by 80%! Some of our best deals include:

Son of a Farmer, Child of the Earth

This book examines commercial agriculture’s strain on our natural resources, ecosystems, and the farmer. As a fourth-generation farmer, Eric Herm deals with the harsh economic realities and complicated legislation facing farmers, as well as the undeniable health impact of GMO crops and excessive chemicals. The book provides resources of natural, healthy alternatives that will inspire the farmers’ transformation from corporate-motivated producers back to the flesh and bone guardian angels of the Earth. Herm’s strong, direct message is not only for farmers, but humanity as a whole.

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Cows Save the Planet

Rebuilding soil is only one aspect of this important, paradigm-shifting book. Drawing on the work of thinkers and doers, renegade scientists and institutional whistleblowers from around the world, Schwartz challenges much of the conventional thinking about global warming and other problems. Cows Save the Planet is at once a primer on soil’s pivotal role in our ecology and economy and an antidote to those awash in despairing environmental news. It is also an important call to action on behalf of the soil — and, by extension, those of us who benefit from it.

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The Carbon Farming Solution

Using The Carbon Farming Solution as a guide, farmers, communities, and governments large and small can successfully launch carbon farming projects with the most appropriate crops and practices to their climate, locale, and socioeconomic needs.  Along the way it can help address food security, social and climate injustice, women’s empowerment, environmental degradation, and some of the core problems with the global food system.

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