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Book Deals to Celebrate International Podcast Day!

Thursday, Sept. 30, is International Podcast Day – and therefore a great time to appreciate the diversity of experts who we have hosted on the Acres U.S.A. Tractor Time podcast over the years.

In recognition of this day for podcasts, we are offering discounts of up to 50% off on our Tractor Time Author Collection at the Acres U.S.A. Bookstore! But don’t delay – these prices are only around through this Sunday, Oct. 3.

Supplement your favorite podcast episodes with the book – for the lowest prices this fall! Check out the full collection here.

Great Deals at a Glance

Here’s a look at some of the best deals of our Tractor Time Author Collection flash sale:

Dr. Paul Dettloff’s Complete Guide to Raising Animals Organically

During the course of the author’s half-century career he has watched as the natural care of ruminants was lost to the high-tech methods of the modern industrial farm. Hormones, chemicals and manufactured feed replaced the mineral-rich pastures and natural animal care of the past.

Building on his modern-day classic Alternative Treatments for Ruminant Animals, Dr. Paul Dettloff performs a rescue operation for today’s farmers. He hands over a literal lifetime of learning and observation on how to raise livestock in healthier, more productive, and more humane ways.

Learn More here.

The Waste Between Our Ears

With chapters about source separation, soil management and climate change, and practical approaches to zero waste, Gillespie presents a practical, logical argument for one way to save the world and grow a local economy. 

Advocates, nonprofit directors, waste managers, landfill directors, environmentalists, entrepreneurs, eco-farmers and anyone searching for environmental solutions and opportunities with source separation should not only read this book … we must figure out how to change our thinking, and put Gillespie’s plan into action.

Learn More here.

Food, Farming & Health

This book shows how health is a continuum from the soil, to the plants, to our bodies. Chemical farming is based on monocultures, which deprive us of the diversity we need for a balanced, healthy nutrition. Chemical farming depletes the soils of nutrition, producing plants that are nutritionally empty but full of toxic residues. When we eat chemically produced food we suffer from diseases related to nutrient deficiency and/or toxics. The brilliant essays which make up this book are certain to educate and inspire.

Learn More here.

That’s not all! Head over to the Tractor Time Authors Collection to see all our great deals. Get them before the sale ends this Sunday!