While things may be a little different this year, it’s still time for us to celebrate the wonderful world we live in and reflect on all the ways we can and are working to preserve it. So, in honor of Earth Day, we’d like to offer up this selection of titles available through Acres U.S.A., enjoy, and don’t forget that each and every book is available at a reduced price for our April sale!

In The Shadow of Green Man

In the Shadow of Green Man by Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin

Join the wonderfully colorful and poetic Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin, or Regi, in his debut book, In the Shadow of Green Man, as he weaves together stories from his upbringing in revolution-torn Guatemala, the vision of a regenerative form of farming which uplifts people, and the wandering fable of the Green Man. The result is an immensely readable, enjoyable journey that informs as it entertains and enlightens.

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The Waste Between Our Ears

The Waste Between Our Ears by Gerry Gillespie

In The Waste Between Our Ears: The Missing Ingredient to Disrupt Climate Change is in the Trash,writer, researcher and advocate Gerry Gillespie outlines how we can create a global solution, and it starts between our ears. In order to restore our world ecosystems and our vital soils, he wants to change how we think about our trash. Readers will learn why we all need to change our mind about waste management systems, how to reconnect our organic waste to local soil and food growers, and why this leads to more local jobs.

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Silent Spring

Silent Spring by Rachel Carson

Silent Spring inspired the modern environmental movement, which began in earnest a decade later. It is recognized as the environmental text that “changed the world.” She aimed at igniting a democratic activist movement that would not only question the direction of science and technology but would also demand answers and accountability. Rachel Carson was a prophetic voice and her “witness for nature” is even more relevant and needed if our planet is to survive into a 22nd century.

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Farming in the Presence of Nature

Farming in the Presence of Nature by Athena Tainio

Join Athena (Teena) Tainio on a journey through her book, Farming in the Presence of Nature, which illuminates the diverse wonders of the building blocks of life and gain a new appreciation for the inspiring and powerful dynamics of life on our planet, our farms, Gaia. In this deeply personal story of discovery, the author poetically relates her own understanding of Gaia, a name drawn from Greek mythology for the personification of the Earth, the ancestral mother of all life: the primal Mother Earth goddess.

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Practical Permaculture

Practical Permaculture by Jessi Bloom and Dave Boehnlein

Practical Permaculture covers the basic principles of permaculture, showing the entire design process, and offers detailed information on the plants, water, waste, energy, shelter, food, animals, and structures that make up the garden. Filled with real-life examples from all over the world, this invaluable resource will help you turn your home garden into a sustainable ecosystem. 

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Call of the Reed Warbler

Call of the Reed Warbler by Charles Massy

Call of the Reed Warbler is a ground-breaking book will change the way we think of, farm and grow food. Author and radical farmer Charles Massy explores transformative and regenerative agriculture and the vital connection between our soil and our health. It is a story of how a grassroots revolution – a true underground insurgency – can save the planet, help turn climate change around, and build healthy people and healthy communities, pivoting significantly on our relationship with growing and consuming food. 

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Soil 2017

Soil 2017 by Woody Tasch

Soil 2017: Notes Towards the Theory and Practice of Nurture Capital uses poetry, essays, and photography to explore a new vision of finance. It is about billions and trillions of dollars in the global economy, and billions and trillions of microbes in healthy, fertile soil. Nurture capital starts where investing and philanthropy leave off, giving us a new way to reconnect to one another and places where we live, all the way down to local food systems and the soil. 

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