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Doug Fine’s Eco-Ag Conference Talk to be Featured on C-SPAN

CINCINNATI, Ohio — Doug Fine’s talk about hemp’s role in regenerative farming systems on Dec. 8 at the Eco-Ag Conference & Trade Show will be aired after the event on C-SPAN.

In Fine’s session, he will impart his expertise and experience on hemp growing from seed to sales and how it applies to regenerative living. Shortly after the conference, C-SPAN will broadcast Fine’s appearance nationally.

Doug Fine

“Regenerative living is how everyone lived before supermarkets,” Fine says. “Not just raising enough food to survive and be healthy, but making sure your soil, water, and surroundings remain healthy too—for next year and the year after that and all the years to come. There are ways that we can all contribute, whether we are farming our own hemp that will sequester carbon and build soil or we are buying food from local farms to reduce the carbon footprint of transportation and being a part of the building of native soil, which also sequesters tons of carbon.”

Fine is the author of Hemp Bound, and most recently, American Hemp Farmer.

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