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Gary Zimmer

Gary Zimmer

Gary Zimmer has been speaking at the Eco-Ag Conference for more than 25 years, and attending for almost 40. As the founder of Midwestern BioAg and Zimmer Ag Consulting, he was given the label of “father” of biological agriculture for his work introducing soil biology as a critical piece of soil management, during a time when minerals and chemistry were the only real considerations. Zimmer owns Otter Creek Organic Farm, a family-operated, award-winning 1,000 acre farm near Lone Rock, Wisconsin, and has been on the board of Taliesin Preservation Inc. since 2011. Zimmer is the author of three books, The Biological Farmer (Second Edition), and Advancing Biological Farming, and numerous articles on soils and livestock nutrition.

Learn from Gary online and in person

Not only is Gary Zimmer a consistent speaker at Acres U.S.A. events, he’s also one of our Eco-Ag U Online instructors. Check out this sneak peek of his Biological Farming course:

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Gary’s books consistently make the bestseller list at the Acres U.S.A. Bookstore.

The Biological Farmer draws on a lifetime of farming experience and adds in the latest science and experience on modern issues facing farmers including the impact of GMOs, herbicide-resistant weeds, and more.

Advancing Biological Farming offers invaluable scientific support for committed organic farmers as well as conventional farmers who’d like to reduce chemical inputs and use natural processes to their advantage.