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Get Free U.S. Shipping at our Pre-Black-Friday Book Sale This Weekend

It’s the end of October, and the holidays are rapidly approaching – as are end-of-year preparations on farms and ranches. In a year where shipping speeds are disrupted and uncertain, we’ve decided that we won’t make our customers wait for holiday deals and pricing!

From this Friday, Oct. 29, through Sunday, Oct. 31st, the Acres U.S.A. bookstore will feature our November Black Friday sales prices! You’ll be able to save on books, DVDs, merchandise and more. Buy your holiday gifts early and avoid the rush during the rest of the year.

Free shipping offer

Want even more deals? In addition to the low sales prices, we’re offering a one-time FREE SHIPPING discount to new Book of the Week subscribers!

Book of the Week is our weekly email newsletter that features discounts and free book excerpts from authors like Gabe Brown, Nicole Masters, Mark Shepard, Charles Walters, and many more!

Sign up for the Book of the Week newsletter to get free shipping during our “Haunted Humus” pre-Black Friday October sale! Sign up here.

Please note – this free shipping offer is for addresses in the U.S. only. This is a one-time free shipping offer for the Haunted Humus pre-Black Friday sale. But stay tuned on the Book of the Week newsletter list for future sales, discounts and book offers!