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In Focus: Pasture Management

This month, our focus turns to pastures – grazing, water management, crop types, livestock health and integration, etc.

Here is a list of resources related to whatever you need to learn most about pasture management, from free articles to our most recent issue of AcresUSA magazine.

Baby Cow

Read Free Articles

Our website is a free resource for all kinds of in-depth articles, interviews and how-to’s on regenerative agriculture. Here are a few pasture and grazing-specific articles to get started:

Pasture Collection

Best Books on Pastures and Grazing

  • Albrecht on Pastures, Vol. VI by Dr. William A. Albrecht – a dive into how insufficient soil fertility is responsible for poor crops, weeds and thereby a poor diet for livestock.
  • Biodynamic Pasture Management by Peter Bacchus – a multi-pronged approach to managing pastures that considers balance of fertility elements, organic matter levels, soil life, and particularly soil life forces.
  • Grass, the Forgiveness of Nature by Charles Walters – a wide-ranging survey of grass forages and pastureland.

Find more books on pastures at the AcresUSA Bookstore in the Pastures and Grazing Collection.

Learn in Person

Get your boots on the ground at the On-Farm Intensive with Zimmer Ag this Aug. 15–16. Famed biological farmer Gary Zimmer and his daughter Leilani Zimmer Durand will walk you through their Otter Creek Organic Farm in Lone Rock, Wisconsin, for two days of intensive learning. Learn more here.

Gary Zimmer shows off farm equipment
Gary Zimmer explains his farm equipment during the 2022 On-Farm Intensive.

Or, if you aren’t free this summer, make sure to mark your calendar for the 2023 Eco-Ag Conference & Trade Show, Dec. 4-7, in northern Kentucky. The Eco-Ag Conference features multiple tracks of topics essential to farmers, including soil health, livestock management and farm management. The agenda is growing and will continue to be updated. Learn more about the 2023 Eco-Ag Conference here.

Read the June 2023 Issue

The June 2023 issue of AcresUSA magazine deals with the theme of pastures and grazing with a number of in-depth and educational articles.

June Cover

Features within the magazine include:

Grape Grazing
An innovative system in California incorporates sheep into the vineyard. 

Principles for Managing Horses on Pasture
The concepts regenerative grazers use for large ruminants apply to horses as well.

Small-Scale Problems
USDA rules harm America’s smaller livestock slaughter and processing plants, farmers and ranchers, and consumers.


Buy the print version of June 2023 here, the digital version here, or subscribe here to get the magazine delivered to you monthly.

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