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Dr. James White

James White

James F. White is Professor of Plant Biology at Rutgers University in New Jersey where he and students conduct research on ecology of microbes that inhabit plants (endophytes). James White obtained the B.S. and M.S. degrees in Botany and Plant Pathology from Auburn University in Alabama, and the Ph.D. in Botany/Mycology from the University of Texas at Austin. 

James White is the author of more than 300 articles and book chapters, and author and editor of seven books on the biology of plant microbes, including Biotechnology of Acremonium Endophytes of Grasses (1994), Microbial Endophytes (2000), The Clavicipitalean Fungi (2004), The Fungal Community: Its Organization and Role in the Ecosystem (2005, 2017), Defensive Mutualism in Microbial Symbiosis (2009), and Seed Endophytes: Biology and Biotechnology (2019) and Microbial Inoculants and Other Microbiome Stimulants for Crops: Mechanisms and Applications (2021; Elsevier). 

James White is an elected fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), and Associate Editor for journals Symbiosis, Fungal Ecology, MycoScience, Biology and Scientific Reports, and also serves as Chief Editor for the Plant-Microbe Interactions Section of the MDPI journal Microorganisms. James White received the Alexopoulos Research Prize in 1996 (Mycological Society of America), the Distinguished Research Award in 1994 (Auburn University Montgomery), and the Research Excellence Award in 1998 (Rutgers University). 

James White has presented extensively at international industry and academic conferences focused on regenerative agriculture, plant biostimulants and crop microbiomes. James White is also the author of John Kempf’s regenerative agriculture course ‘Understanding Rhizophagy’.

Dr. James White on Tractor Time

This episode of Tractor Time podcast features Dr. James White, Jeff Lowenfels and Laura Decker discussing why microbiology is an important topic for all farmers and ranchers today.