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Jimmy Emmons

Jimmy Emmons

An international leader in the soil health movement, Jimmy Emmons served as the regional coordinator for USDA’s Farm Production and Conservation Program. He recently joined the Oklahoma Conservation Commission as its Soil Health Mentoring Coordinator.

Jimmy and his wife, Ginger, manage 2,000 cropland acres and 5,000 rangeland acres with regenerative agriculture techniques in Dewey County, Oklahoma. Their annual rainfall is, as Jimmy says, “20 inches – give or take 20.” They received Oklahoma’s first Leopold Conservation Award in 2017.

Jimmy Emmons at the CO STAR event

Jimmy Emmons presented the keynote at the August 2022 Colorado STAR event in Monte Vista, Colorado. Read our recap of that event here.

Jimmy Emmons delivers the keynote presentation at the CO STAR event in Monte Vista, Colorado – August 2022.