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Join Acres U.S.A. for the 3rd Annual Healthy Soil Summit

To most every farmer, rancher or grower, managing soil health is nothing less than a top priority — for healthy crops, consistent production and natural resilience in their fields.

To support and make the most of those efforts, Acres U.S.A., the Voice of Eco-Agriculture, will be hosting the 3rd annual Healthy Soil Summit, August 25-26, 2021. The virtual event will provide farmers, ranchers and growers direct access to innovative and practical techniques to reach their soil health management goals.

Attendees will experience two days of in-depth education about cover crops, soil biology/chemistry, biological fertilizers, soil testing, growing for nutrient density, on-farm water management, and the real economics behind soil health. Organized by one of the most experienced eco-agriculture companies on the planet, the advanced soil health strategies delivered at this Summit will offer attendees an advantage in today’s marketplace.

According to our survey of the 2020 attendees, their favorite aspect of the event is the quality and depth of knowledge of the speakers. The most helpful take-aways attendees reported were how to create whole-farm resilience and tactics for improving crop quality.

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Who Teaches?

Real farmers who practice what they teach lead our workshops, featuring detailed presentations and question-and-answer sessions to connect you with the workshop leaders. You will learn tactics to build soil resilience, increase water storage capacity and ways to decrease costly inputs and programs.

Rick Clark, a large-scale farmer who has moved his operation in profitable, innovative directions through soil health strategies, will be one of the keynote speakers.

Clark will be joined by Meagan Kaiser of Perry Agricultural Laboratory, Ryan Fillmore of Fillmore Farms, regenerative winemaker Mimi Casteel, and Steve Becker and Dennis Warnecke of Tainio Biologicals. More speakers will be announced as they are confirmed. 

About Our Keynote:

Rick Clark is a fifth generation farmer from Williamsport, Indiana. Rick’s main goal on his farm is to build soil health and achieve balance with Nature. Rick has developed and is constantly improving a systematic approach to regenerative farming. He strives to be a low-cost input producer, while maintaining an increase in yield year after year. His farm is 100% non-GMO, 100% no-till, and extensively cover cropped. Rick is currently transitioning all acres of the farm to organic, and is most proud of developing a system of organic farming that uses no tillage and suppresses weeds with cover crops. Rick cares deeply about human health, as it is one of the main drivers behind his innovative farming system, which our keynote speaker believes will be viable and sustainable for generations to come.

Why Virtual?

We know a question you may be asking already: “Why virtual?” While we started our annual event in Davis, California, in 2019, COVID-19 has prevented an in-person event the past two years. We are committed to returning to an in-person event as it becomes safer for our attendees and staff. In the meantime, the learning can’t stop!

How Do I Register?

Registration is open. Early-bird prices of $125/ticket will be in place through June 30. After June 30, prices will increase to $150. Learn more here.

Can I Just Watch the Replay?

You can save at least $25 by registering for our event and attending. Registration prices include a replay, which will be priced at $175. The replay will be hosted at

2021 Healthy Soil Summit

Aug. 25-26, 2021
Registration is open:
1-800-355-5313 | 970-392-4464

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