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Join Us for the 2022 Healthy Soil Summit in 2 Weeks!

Don’t miss the Healthy Soil Summit this Aug. 2-3, in person in Sacramento, California!

No matter what you grow, from nuts to orchards to cash crops to pasture, our two days of workshops and keynotes — led by real practitioners — teach useful tactics you can implement immediately.

Are you ready to learn practical, applicable soil health management tactics this summer? Then be sure to register today. This is a perfect opportunity to connect with innovative farmers and eco-ag experts who will provide you applicable, practical strategies you can implement right away. Sign up for the Healthy Soil Summit here.

Meet the Experts

You won’t want to miss a single workshop at this year’s Healthy Soil Summit event. Here’s a glimpse of our educational agenda:

Keynote Speaker: Rick Clark

In his keynote presentation, Rick will share his incredible experience transitioning his large-scale conventional system to no-till organic – providing lessons for any farmer along the way. Rick’s presentation is titled “Regenerative Organic Stewardship With No Tillage” and includes the following key points:

  • Change is good;
  • It’s time to get a little uncomfortable;
  • The journey from mass soil destruction to organic no-till;
  • The economic benefits of farming green;
  • Implementing the principles of soil health.
Rick Clark

Rick will explain the practices used, how he manages the challenges that inevitably arise, and why he believes this new system will be sustainable for generations to come.

Day 1: Kempf, Knaus and more!

Here’s a glimpse of the Day 1 lineup:

  • Why We Are Here by John Kempf
  • The Business Case for Soil Health Management by Steve Becker & Dennis Warnecke, Tainio Biologicals
  • Measuring to Manage: Mineral Nutrition & Testing for Regeneration by David Knaus, Apical
  • View the full Day 1 agenda here.

Day 2: Nichols, White and Case Studies

Here’s a glimpse of the Day 2 lineup:

  • Drought Resilience: Balanced Soil & Water Use Efficiency by Dr. Kris Nichols, Ph.D., Food Water Wellness Foundation
  • Rhizophagy Cycle: How Plants Extract Nutrients from Soil Microbes by Dr. James White
  • Case Study #2: Whole Systems Approach to Intensive Vegetable Systems by Gina Colfer
  • View the full Day 2 agenda here.

Stay Informed

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