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Jorge Camacho

Jorge Arturo Camacho Gutierrez is a Phytopathologist, dedicated to the bioremediation of agricultural soils that are “sick” or “hungry” so that they recover, become fertile and can be used again for sustainable agriculture.

Likewise, he manages biological control of pests and diseases based on inert natural products, evaluating the ecological impact with the social and profitable methods of agriculture.

  • Consultant in Regenerative and Organic agriculture.
  • Sanitation of saline or diseased soils through microbial conjunction and
    applications of Natural Steroidal Saponins, together with crop planting and
  • Development of products based on beneficial microorganisms in powder and
    liquid form for control and preventions of foliar and root diseases in crops.
  • Soil microbiology and production of microbial consortia for the bioremediation
    of agricultural soils.

Mr. Camacho holds the following:
Master’s Degree in Agricultural Productions and Phytopathology from the
University of Hohenheim in Stuttgart, Germany.

Agronomist Zootechnician Degree from the ITESM Campus Monterrey, Mexico.

Practitioner NLP and Human Development, Gestalt theory.

Soil Bioremediation, Diploma of Holistic Management Sierra Gorda.

International Diploma in Agroecology for Sustainability, University of Queretaro