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Just One Week Left to Secure Your Spot at the On-Farm Intensive with Zimmer Ag!

Don’t let time run out on one of the most unique on-farm experiences of the year! The On-Farm Intensive with Zimmer Ag is taking place just one week from today – July 19-20. AND – you have two more days to take advantage of our extended early bird pricing and save $80! Sign up here.

Learn from the absolute experts on biological farming, and do it in a small group environment. See the inner workings of a successful biological farm and come away with practical steps to take your operation to the next level.

On-Farm Intensive with Zimmer Ag
July 19-20, 2021 | Lone Rock, Wisconsin
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In-Depth Educational Sessions

Each day of the two-day On-Farm Intensive program will include a full day of education and opportunities to engage with expert speakers and peer farmers.

Day 1 (July 19):

  • Introduction to Biological Farming – Speaker: Gary Zimmer – Learn the six principles of biological farming practices that will help you on a path toward rebuilding your soils.
  • Field Learning: Cover Crops – Speaker: Gary Zimmer – Learn the role of different types of cover crops and the practical aspects of managing cover crops in your crop rotation.
  • Haney Soil Test – Speaker: Gary Zimmer – Gary will share a series of Haney tests taken at the farm this spring and summer and explain what those results show us. Learn how to translate what you see in test results into the field and vice versa.
  • Field Learning: Perennial Crops – Speakers: Gary Zimmer and Keefe Keeley – Learn why Gary planted his perennial crops, and how they fit into his overall farm management and soil health plan.
  • Soil Biology and Fertility – Speakers: Gary Zimmer and Leilani Zimmer-Durand – Soil biology and fertility are foundational principles of biological farming. Learn about the roles of key microbes, why balanced minerals are so important, and more.

Day 2 (July 20):

  • Field Learning: Tillage and Equipment – Speaker: Gary Zimmer – Take a look at some of Gary’s latest tillage equipment as he explains why he chose the equipment he has and what benefits it brings. Learn about different tillage systems for different soil types and cropping systems, and how to improve them.
  • Integrating Livestock – Speaker: Gary Zimmer – Gary will explain how livestock is integrated into his farming system and how he’s making changes to his livestock management to keep the farm resilient and profitable.
  • Decreasing Systems Pressure – Speaker: Gary Zimmer and Leilani Zimmer-Durand – Learn about Gary’s latest changes to his crop rotations, and what drove him to make those changes. You’ll hear about both the success and failures of his new system and what he plans to do next year to keep building soil health and resiliency while also making a profit.
  • Field Learning: Key Takeaways – Speakers: Gary Zimmer and Leilani Zimmer-Durand – Addressing the key takeaways each attendee can bring back to their own operation to maximize productivity and profitability.
  • Final Thoughts and Q&A

View full agenda and session descriptions here.

More About the Intensive, Gary Zimmer, and Biological Farming

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