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Meet John Kempf and Kris Nichols at the Healthy Soil Summit!

We’re less than a month away from the 4th annual Healthy Soil Summit. This event, focused on soil health management tactics, is the perfect place for farmers, ranchers and industry professionals to educate themselves on economic and ecological farming practices. Join us Aug. 2-3 in Sacramento, California!

The two-day event will feature workshops on topics ranging from soil microbes to water management, taught by experts. Register here!

Here are two great instructors that you will learn from at the Healthy Soil Summit: 

John Kempf

John Kempf illustration

Needed: A New Agronomy Based on Living Soil

John Kempf, an entrepreneur, farmer, and industry-leading consultant, will show you why a new type of agronomy is needed to help today’s farmers and ranchers. John will question why our current model does not consider any possible contributions of soil biology and assumes a “dead soil.” 

Read the full session description at the Healthy Soil Summit Program page here.

Kris Nichols

Kris Nichols

Drought Resilience: Balanced Soil & Water Use Efficiency

As the scarcity and cost of long-term water supplies continue to increase for growers, the challenge to use water efficiently increases exponentially. Dr. Kris Nichols, a longtime expert in natural and organic growing systems, will focus this session on how building soil health through biological development and chemical balancing can improve the soil’s ability to store water. 

Read the full session description at the Healthy Soil Summit Program page here.

More Reasons to Attend the Healthy Soil Summit

There are a lot of great reasons to come to Sacramento this Aug. 2-3, but here are a few more!

Earn Continuing Education Units

The Healthy Soil Summit is the ideal event to earn your Certified Crop Advisor CEUs. This year you can earn 9.5 CEUs, including:

  • Nutrient Management: 4.5
  • Soil & Water Management: 2
  • Crop Management: 1

View the full CEU list here.

Attendees Get Swag!

In addition to the workshops, the Continuing Education Units, and optional in-the-field Farm Tour, you can expect these great added benefits to your Healthy Soil Summit registration: 

  • 6-month FREE digital subscription to Acres U.S.A. magazine
  • $20 voucher for the on-site Acres U.S.A. Bookstore with titles from Gary Zimmer, John Kempf, Nicole Masters and more!
  • A chance to win a $100 gas gift card with every on-site bookstore purchase

So don’t hesitate to join us this Aug. 2-3 in Sacramento, California, for the 4th annual Healthy Soil Summit – an in-person event for farmers, ranchers and growers. Sign up today!