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Nasha Winters

Nasha Winters

Dr. Nasha Winters is an adored part of the Eco-Ag Conference community, not only due to what she knows, but the time she gives the audience on site. Dr. Winters is a sought-after luminary and a global healthcare authority in integrative cancer research and consults with physicians around the world. Based on a personal journey with cancer, Dr. Nasha is on a mission to educate and empower the nearly 50 percent of the population expected to have cancer in their lifetime. Dr. Nasha is bestselling co-author of The Metabolic Approach to Cancer and Mistletoe and the Emerging Future of Integrative Oncology.

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The Metabolic Approach to Cancer is the first book to offer a comprehensive, nutrition-focused protocol to managing cancer. Naturopathic, integrative oncologist and cancer survivor Dr. Nasha Winters and nutrition therapist Jess Higgins Kelley identify the ten key elements of a person’s terrain — including the microbiome, the immune system, and blood sugar balance — as they relate to the cancer process, and they prescribe a heavily researched, tested, and nontoxic metabolic therapeutic approach that encompasses the ketogenic diet, fasting, specific phytonutrients, herbal treatments, and more.

Mistletoe therapy has long been considered a viable treatment for cancer by the European medical community and is beginning to gain recognition in North America, as well. The mistletoe plant possesses many remarkable properties. As a therapy, it represents a rediscovery of ancient wisdom and shows us how the science of modern medicine might expand its reach and reconnect with a more human-centered medicine. Mistletoe and the Emerging Future of Integrative Oncology was structured following the syllabus for a three-day practitioner training hosted by the Physicians’ Association for Anthroposophic Medicine (PAAM).