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National Book Lovers Weekend Sale

In honor of National Book Lovers Day this Saturday, we are offering 50% off of select Acres U.S.A. titles, plus 20% off other titles, including some of our children’s books! Get the perfect stocking stuffer for the young, future eco-farmer in your life. But hurry – this sale ends by Monday, Nov. 9! 

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Half off select Acres U.S.A. books

Weeds: Control Without Poisons

Weeds contains the specifics on a hundred weeds, why they grow, what soil conditions spur them on or stop them, what they say about your soil, and how to control them without the obscene presence of poisons. All cross-referenced by scientific and various common names, and a pictorial glossary.


In Eco-Farm, eco-agriculture is explained — from the tiniest molecular building blocks to managing the soil — in terminology that not only makes the subject easy to learn, but vibrantly alive. This book truly delivers a complete education in soils, crops, and weed and insect control. This should be the first book read by everyone beginning in eco-agriculture . . . and the most shop-worn book on the shelf of the most experienced. 

The Farm as Ecosystem

In The Farm as Ecosystem, natural product formulator and farm consultant Jerry Brunetti brings together a wealth of education and uncanny observations in this probing volume on the interconnected dynamics of the farm — geology, biology, and diversity of life. Learn to look at — and manage — your farm very differently by gaining a deeper understanding of the complementary roles of all facets of your farm.

Children’s Book Deals

Teach the children in your life about the natural world with these fantastic titles.

Food in the Flowers

This beautifully illustrated book with rhyming descriptions encourages children to exercise observation skills and to appreciate diversity, even among the bees, who help us grow our food when they visit flowers to find their own food.

Sip, Pick, and Pack

This children’s book pairs gorgeous illustrations with descriptions and explanations of how pollinators, particularly bees, work to pollinate flowers in a healthy garden, which results in healthy food.

More Book Discounts

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