You can now pre-order John Kempf’s brand-new book, Quality Agriculture, at the Acres U.S.A. bookstore!

 John Kempf is likely well known to attendees of Acres U.S.A.’s annual Eco-Ag Conference & Trade Show. For years he has presented at the conference and also taught an intensive Eco-Ag U course – and he will be returning to teach at the 2020 Eco-Ag Conference in Columbus, Ohio on Dec. 1!

John has implemented regenerative agricultural systems on millions of acres across many different crop types and regions with his team, Advancing Eco Agriculture. Among his many other activities, he hosts the Regenerative Agriculture Podcast, on which he interviews a number of smart, innovative growers, consultants and scientists. 

In a recent email announcing the publication of his book, John Kempf wrote: “My intention for the Regenerative Agriculture Podcast was to bring together the wisdom and knowledge of growers and scientists who had developed deep insights into how agriculture ecosystems function when at their optimum. The wisdom that emerged from these discussions is valuable, useful, and can be applied right away. Many times I wished to write down and remember all the great information my guests have shared. So we did exactly that, and this book came to be.”

A number of other big names in the regenerative agriculture field have added words of praise for the book. David R. Montgomery calls it “inspiring and insightful,” and Gabe Brown says that it’s “a must-read.” From Ray Archuleta: “If you garden, farm, or just enjoy the ecological world, build the correct foundation in your mind by reading this book.”

So don’t hesitate – pre-order Quality Agriculture by John Kempf today in the Acres U.S.A. bookstore! We plan to have book deliveries available starting July 15, 2020.