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New to the Acres U.S.A. Bookstore for January 2023!

There is nothing more enjoyable on these chilly winter days than cozying up next to a warm fire with a good book. So take advantage of the winter months and invest in your educational journey by perusing these new titles recently added to the Acres U.S.A. Bookstore!

Voices From the Soil – Brand-New from Acres U.S.A.!

Long overdue, this collection of timeless Acres U.S.A. interviews includes 25 diverse voices who sparked a movement still rapidly growing today around the world: organic, eco-agriculture. Including: 

  • William A. Albrecht explaining eco-agriculture in 1976;
  • Charles Walters’ timeless talk on change in farming;
  • Elaine Ingham’s groundbreaking interview on soil biology;
  • … and many more!

Learn more about Acres U.S.A.’s newest published book here!

Terra Viva: My Life in a Biodiversity of Movements by Vandana Shiva

In Terra Viva, Dr. Shiva shares her most memorable campaigns, alongside some of the world’s most celebrated activists and environmentalists, all working toward a livable planet and healthier democracies. It is a celebration of a remarkable life and a clear-eyed assessment of the challenges we face moving forward—including those revealed by the COVID crisis, the privatization of biotechnology, and the commodification of our biological and natural resources. Learn more here.

Grass-Fed Beef for a Post-Pandemic World by Ridge Shinn and Lynne Pledger

The COVID-19 pandemic exposed the vulnerabilities of our globalized food system and highlighted the desperate need for local and regional supplies of healthy meat. We must replace corn-based feedlots, which are responsible for significant climate emissions, nitrogen pollution, and animal suffering. Grass-Fed Beef for a Post-Pandemic World outlines a hopeful path out of our broken food system via regional networks of regeneratively produced meat. Foreword written by Dirt to Soil author Gabe Brown. Learn more here.

Mineral Nutrition and Plant Disease by Don Huber

This comprehensive book examines how mineral nutrition affects plant disease. Minerals improve the overall quality and health of plants. Knowing how each individual mineral affects a plant is beneficial for efficiency in production and sustaining the ecosystem. From a plant pathology perspective, Mineral Nutrition and Plant Disease brings the discussion of plant disease diagnosis and management to a new level.  Learn more here.

Green Grass in the Spring by Tony Malmberg

Green Grass in the Spring: A Cowboy’s Guide to Saving the World is an impactful work that discusses the concept of Holistic Management as a way of helping to heal a fractured world. This engaging account is about inner work and outer work and how the two reflect and inform each other. Learn more here.

Even More New Titles!

Here is a list of even more new titles available this January at the Acres U.S.A. Bookstore:

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