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November Book of the Month: Roller/Crimper No-Till

This month, we’re focused on the theme of tools and equipment. You will see this theme reflected in Acres U.S.A. magazine, in our weekly email newsletters, and in our September Book of the Month feature: Roller/Crimper No-Till: Advancing No-Till Agriculture by Jeff Moyer.

Original Price: $30.00
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Roller/Crimper No-Till is an expanded update of the groundbreaking work Organic No-Till Farming. This book presents farmers — organic and conventional — with a proven system that limits tillage, reduces labor, cuts toxic inputs and improves soil structure.

Based on the latest research by pioneering agriculturists, this book arms you with new technologies and tools based on sound biological principles, making it possible to reduce and even eliminate tillage. Jeff Moyer’s clear and comprehensive guided tour of non-toxic, roller/crimper-based no-till is based on using soil biology to power the system. Field-tested over many seasons, these methods make cover crops into a source of fertility as well as a tool for weed management. As traditional tillage turns into rotational tillage, natural soil biology is maximized and synthetic inputs are minimized.

Combining the best aspects of no-till with recent innovations in equipment design and in-field research, the system laid out in this book “provides great potential for agricultural change,” Moyer writes, “through the use of cover crops and reduction of synthetic herbicides, while giving organic farmers what they need in terms of weed management and soil building practices.”

For organic farmers who want to refine their practices and conventional farmers wanting to stop chemical mowing and save on inputs, Roller/Crimper No-Till is truly indispensable.

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