Acres U.S.A., The Voice of Eco-Agriculture, August 2019 | Issue #578 Copyright 2019, 100 pages (21.5 MB)

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The latest digital, downloadable issue of Acres U.S.A. magazine is now available for just $6.00. In this issue focused on soil management include instructive articles on drought tolerance, livestock grazing patterns, mulching tactics, soil nutrition balancing, and much, much more. Writers in this issue include André Leu, Nick Barnard, Abbey Smith, Rocky Womack, Paul Dorrance and more!

Special in this issue: An interview with Timothy A. Wise
In his new book, author Timothy A. Wise takes readers on a whirlwind tour of our dysfuntional global foods systems. Big Ag and billionairares are calling the shots — resulting in environmental degradation and food shortages — but small farmers are pointing the way to more sustainable approaches.