Each year on May 19th, the world celebrates Plant a Vegetable Garden Day, a day to highlight the value of vegetable gardening on all scales, to offer education for growers, and to start growing your own produce! To help get you started off right this year, we’ve put together a list of some of our best vegetable gardening resource books. There’s something there for everyone, but be sure to get your books quickly – some of these titles have limited quantities and are available only while supplies last!

The Vegetable Gardener’s Guide to Permaculture


The Vegetable Gardener’s Guide to Permaculture teaches gardeners of every skill level with any size space how to live in harmony with both nature and neighbors to produce and share an abundant food supply with minimal effort.

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Greenhouse Vegetable Gardening


Greenhouse Vegetable Gardening is an accessible book with many beautiful pictures and practical instructions. The topics covered include building your own greenhouse, seedlings and plant development, growing winter plants, and more!

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No-Till Intensive Vegetable Culture


In No-Till Intensive Vegetable Culture, renowned organic grower Bryan O’Hara shares his pioneering approach to creating biologically active soil that supports year-round production of nutrient-rich crops with minimal capital investment.

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Growing Vegetables with a Smile


Redefining success in the garden, not by pounds of vegetables grown, but by the ability to create a living garden that brings constant enjoyment, in Growing Vegetables with a Smile, the author shares gardening wisdom from a lifetime of experiences. Written in a clear and straightforward way, this book is a treasure-trove of how to garden intelligently — growing happy and productive plants while dispensing with the hard work.

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The Intelligent Gardener


The Intelligent Gardener demystifies the produce growing process, while simultaneously debunking much of the false and misleading information perpetuated by both the conventional and organic agricultural movements. This practical step-by-step guide and the accompanying customizable web-based spreadsheets go beyond organic and are essential tools for any serious gardener who cares about the quality of the produce they grow.

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Organic Fruits and Vegetables


Organic Fruits and Vegetables offers readers a clear picture of all that they need to know to make their small plot of land the most productive it can be. The authors present the information in a way that is cognizant to the people, plants, insects, and animals that live on the land. 

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The Green Garden Expert


The Green Garden Expert sets out what you need to know in order to look after your garden. It also shows you how to care for wildlife, the environment and your own well-being. Whether you decide upon a completely organic approach or prefer to take just a few steps along the environmentally-friendly road, The Green Garden Expert explains the options.

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