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Paul Dorrance

Paul Dorrance

Paul is an author, speaker, consultant and regenerative agriculture advocate. His journey back to farming started in 2013 when he started Pastured Providence Farmstead — a successful pasture-based livestock operation, marketing 100% grass-fed beef and lamb, as well as pastured non-GMO pork, poultry, and eggs directly to consumers in southern and central Ohio. Paul writes for Acres U.S.A. and speaks at agricultural conferences and gatherings around the country. He is a graduate of Ohio Farm Bureau’s “AgriPOWER,” sits on the steering committee of the “Ohio Smart Agriculture – Solutions From The Land” project, is the Chairman of the American Farm Bureau’s Issue Advisory Committee on Organic and Direct Marketing, and serves on the board of the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association. Previously an active duty Air Force officer, Paul still serves our nation as a pilot in the Air Force Reserves.

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Not only is Paul Dorrance a consistent speaker at Acres U.S.A. events, he’s also one of our Eco-Ag U Online instructors. Check out this sneak peek of his farm business course:

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Farming Without Losing Your Hat isn’t like most agricultural how-to books. It isn’t particularly romantic or soul stirring. These pages do not include long digressions on soil health or animal behavior. Instead, this book just might be the most honest book about starting a farm ever published. The writing, simple but filled with detailed information, takes a practical-only approach, focusing on the less-glamorous but essential parts of farming and ranching successfully today. Author Paul Dorrance shares from his own real-world experiences and reminds us again and again —farming is not just a calling, it’s also a tough business. Learn more or get your copy here!