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Perennial Crops, Soil Biology and Tillage Equipment all in Focus at On-Farm Intensive

The On-Farm Intensive with Zimmer Ag will be held on an active, working farm to allow you to learn with all five senses, and return home with more than just textbook knowledge.

This event, held on July 19-20, will be taught by expert biological farmers Gary Zimmer and his daughter, Leilani Zimmer-Durand! Their Otter Creek Organic Farm in Lone Rock, Wisconsin, will serve as your classroom, allowing you to use all five senses to take in these important lessons.

You can view the full agenda here, but here’s a sneak peak of what exactly you’ll learn in these focused sessions on perennial crops, soil biology, tillage and equipment: (Click here for session descriptions on cover crops, short rotations, and soil testing.)

Focus: Perennial Crops

We’ll take a walk out to the fields to look at some of the perennial crops Gary has added to his farm over the last couple of years, and learn more about when, where and why he planted them, and how they fit into his overall farm management and soil health plan. We’ll also learn more about the perennial cropping movement from the Savannah Institute, and learn why more farmers are adding perennial crops to their farms and what benefits they bring.

Focus: Tillage and Equipment

Tillage as an important piece of the soil health picture, and there is no one right way to do tillage that fits all farms. We’ll take a look at some of Gary’s latest tillage equipment and talk about why he chose the equipment he has and what benefits it brings to his farm. We’ll also talk about different tillage systems for different soil types and cropping systems, and about Gary’s ideas on how to make improvements to any tillage system.

Focus: Soil Biology and Fertility

Soil biology and fertility are foundational principles of biological farming, and we’ll dig a little deeper into what they mean.  What are the roles of key microbes on your farm, and what can you do to promote beneficial soil life?  Why is soil fertility using balanced minerals so important?  What changes have occurred on Gary’s farming by building soil biology and fertility, and  what management practices does he follow each year to keep his soils healthy and resilient?

Focus: Decreasing Systems Pressure

Gary is a very creative thinker when it comes to farming. Every year he tries new things, and this year is no exception. We’ll learn more about Gary’s latest changes to his crop rotations and why he’s trying new things this year. Gary is always very honest about how things are going on the farm, so we’ll learn more about both the successes and failures of his new system. We’ll also learn about what he plans to do next year to keep building soil health and resiliency while also making a profit on his farm.

View the entire agenda here, and be sure to register here to join Gary, Leilani and your fellow farms on the field in Wisconsin this July 19-20!

Earn 14 CEUs

Now you can earn credits for attending the On-Farm Intensive with Zimmer Ag! This event has been approved by the American Society of Agronomy to offer Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Certified crop advisors, certified professional agronomists and certified professional soil scientists can earn these 14 ever-important CEUs at the intensive:

  • Nutrient Management: 4.5
  • Crop Management: 4.5
  • Sustainability: 3
  • Soil & Water Management: 2

On-Farm Intensive with Zimmer Ag
July 19-20, 2021
Register here.

Otter Creek Organic Farm
Gary Zimmer’s Otter Creek Organic Farm.