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PHOTOS: The First Colorado STAR Event in Monte Vista

Soil health was the focus for the very first Colorado STAR event held in Monta Vista, Colorado, on Aug. 13, 2022. The event was put on in conjunction with Acres U.S.A., the Colorado State Department of Agriculture, and Ground Up Consulting. It featured talks by Colorado Senator Cleave Simpson and Colorado State Representative Donald Valdez, as well as presentations by Oklahoma farmer Jimmy Emmons, Kansas farmer Brice Custer, and the Quivira Coalition.

Attendees were also able to visit either a rangeland or farming operation near Monte Vista, to see the effects of soil health management firsthand. See the full article with photos here at, or scroll down for a few stunning images from San Juan Ranch near Saguache, Colorado.

Download the free soil health primer from Acres U.S.A. and the Colorado Department of Agriculture here.

Tour at San Juan Ranch

The San Juan Ranch is located just outside Saguache, Colorado, and is owned and operated by George Whitten and Julie Sullivan. It’s a certified organic, grass-fed cattle ranch, and has been managed with regenerative principles for decades.

Rancher George Whitten points out in his green field to tour attendees
George Whitten of San Juan Ranch discusses points of interest in the fields of his certified organic, grass-fed cattle ranch.
Tour attendees bend down near piles of hay in the fields of San Juan Ranch on a sunny day.
Rangeland tour attendees look at hay and farming equipment on the San Juan Ranch as part of the first Colorado STAR event on Aug. 13, 2022.
A man in a cowboy hat bends down to look at tillage rows in a green field while a group of people stand around a yeomans plow.
Attendees look at a yeomans plow in a trial lot on the San Juan Ranch near Saguache, Colorado, as part of the first Colorado STAR event on Aug. 13, 2022.
Sam Scmidt kneels in a green grassy field.
Sam Schmidt, one of the farming staff at San Juan Ranch, discusses the alfalfa variants and recent yeomans plow tillage experiments with Colorado STAR event attendees.
People stand in a knee high grassy field on a blue sunny day near Saguache, Colorado.
Ranchland tour attendees discuss soil health topics among themselves while walking the fields of the San Juan Ranch near Saguache, Colorado, as part of the first Colorado STAR event on Aug. 13, 2022.

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Learn more about the first Colorado STAR program event and see even more photos from the rangeland tour and the event speakers in the article “Soil Health in Focus at First Colorado STAR Event” on

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