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In Focus: Plant Nutrition for Pest Management

This month, our focus turns to plant nutrition and its importance in managing pests.

Here is a list of resources related to whatever you need to learn most about plant nutrition for pest management, from free articles to our most recent issue of AcresUSA magazine.

Read Free Articles

Our website is a free resource for all kinds of in-depth articles, interviews and how-to’s on regenerative agriculture. Here are a few plant nutrition-specific articles to get started:

Best Books on Plant Nutrition for Pest Management

  • Eco-Farm by Charles Walters – a complete education in soils, crops, and weed and insect control.
  • Weeds: Control Without Poisons by Charles Walters – provides specifics on a hundred weeds, why they grow, what soil conditions spur them on or stop them, what they say about your soil, and how to control them without the obscene presence of poisons. 
  • Mineral Nutrition and Plant Disease by Don Huber – examines how mineral nutrition affects plant disease.

Find more books on plant nutrition for pest management at the AcresUSA Bookstore in the Weed & Pest Control Collection

Learn in Person

There is no better way to delve deeper into plant nutrition than at our 2023 Healthy Soil Summit! No matter what you grow, from nuts to orchards to cash crops to pasture, our two days of workshops and keynotes — led by real practitioners — teach useful tactics you can implement immediately. Here are just a few of the program highlights:

  • Reading Your Soil: Mineral Nutrition by David Knaus
  • Strategic Case Study: Building Biodiversity Above and Below Ground by Meri Lillia Mullins
  • Regenerative Agriculture: The Power of Biomimicry and Bio-communication by Ray Archuleta
  • And much more!

Learn more here!

Read the July 2023 Issue

The July 2023 issue of AcresUSA magazine deals with the theme of plant nutrition for pest management with a number of in-depth and educational articles.

To Stress or Not to Stress?
Optimal nutrition produces better results than intentionally induced stress.

Destressing the Stressors
We can manage plant disease by managing plant nutrition.

Managing Change
Soil health management is a farm management decision. 


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