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Replay Available for Author Talk with W. Joe Lewis

The replay of the book launch for A New Farm Language and author W. Joe Lewis is now available for free.

During the talk, you will meet W. Joe Lewis, the author of A New Farm Language, a new book from Acres U.S.A., the Voice of Eco-Agriculture. In the book, and in this discussion with John Ikerd and farmer Alton Walker, Mr. Lewis discusses in detail the scientific discoveries that led him to win the Wolf Prize of Agriculture, while tying it back to how nature works.

W. Joe Lewis
Author Joe Lewis

During his 30-year career, Mr. Lewis was able to prove how natural insect and plant systems defended cotton crops in a more efficient, economic way than synthetic pesticides, mainly through the use of beneficial insects. When we apply synthetic pesticides on the crops, or even too much nitrogen fertilizer, we disrupt the natural qualities of ecosystem and discourage natural pest protection.

Listen and watch this fascinating talk about how insects talk to plants, and how an upbringing poor and dependent on nature shaped the author’s world view forever.

Hosted by Ben Trollinger, editor of Acres U.S.A. magazine and host of the Tractor Time podcast