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Roundtable Discussions at the 2022 Healthy Soil Summit

The 2022 Healthy Soil Summit took place last week, and was the jumping off point for many discussions around soil health – from management tactics and best practices to understanding at the biological level.

Among the great conversations had at the Healthy Soil Summit were the Roundtable Discussions. Held on Day 2 of the event, the Roundtable Discussions connected attendees with experts and offered the chance of in-depth conversation on topics ranging from regenerative crop health to humic acids.

Luckily for those who did not attend – we have recordings from key moments during each of the four Roundtable Discussions at the Healthy Soil Summit! Check them out here, and use them as starting points for your own discussions around soil health and soil health management.

Regenerative Crop Health

Discussion led by Advancing Eco Agriculture.

Healthy Soil Summit 2022 Roundtable Discussion with Advancing Eco Agriculture.


Discussion led by Ferticell.

Healthy Soil Summit 2022 Roundtable Discussion with Ferticell.

Humic Acids

Discussion led by Live Earth Products.

Healthy Soil Summit 2022 Roundtable Discussion with Live Earth Products.

Soil Testing

Discussion led by Ward Laboratories, Inc.

Healthy Soil Summit 2022 Roundtable Discussion with Ward Laboratories, Inc.

Join the Conversation

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