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Save on Soil Books Through End of May!

It’s always a good time to learn more about soil health. That’s why we’ve put our Soil Collection on sale for the rest of the month at the Acres U.S.A. Bookstore!

Now through end of the day on Tuesday, May 31, find discounts starting at 15% off on books around recognizing, understanding and building soil health. Some of our most popular titles, including Humusphere by Herwig Pommeresche, are even at 50% off! Check out our Soil Collection deals today, or scroll down to see a few suggestions of our bestselling, best-discounted soil books.

Roller/Crimper No-Till by Jeff Moyer

Based on the latest research by pioneering agriculturists, this book arms you with new technologies and tools based on sound biological principles, making it possible to reduce and even eliminate tillage. Jeff Moyer’s clear and comprehensive guided tour of non-toxic, roller/crimper-based no-till is based on using soil biology to power the system. Learn more here.

Albrecht on Soil Balancing, Vol. VII

In these papers Albrecht reveals the importance of the balance equation, that it isn’t enough to have nutrient to soil connections, it is the ratio of one element to another that counts. Albrecht’s insight further reveals that an ounce of prevention in the form of balanced plant nutrition from fertile soils is better than a pound of cure using dangerous poisons. Learn more here.

Secrets of Fertile Soils by Erhard Hennig

Poor agricultural practices are draining our soils of nutrients and microorganisms. Depletion of humus is already described as extreme in some areas. Hennig addresses all components of the soil — microorganisms, microbes, soil nutrients, and minerals — and explores natural fertilization techniques using compost and rock dust along with their roles in humus formation. Learn more here.

Get More Bookstore Deals

While the Soil Collection flash sale only lasts through May 31, you can get weekly deals at the Acres U.S.A. Bookstore when you sign up for our Book of the Week newsletter. Each week we feature a discounted book and provide a free excerpt. Sign up today!