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September Book of the Month: Food, Farming & Health

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Food, Farming & Health

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This book shows how health is a continuum from the soil, to the plants, to our bodies. Chemical farming is based on monocultures, which deprive us of the diversity we need for a balanced, healthy nutrition. Chemical farming depletes the soils of nutrition, producing plants that are nutritionally empty but full of toxic residues. When we eat chemically produced food we suffer from diseases related to nutrient deficiency and/or toxics.

It is impossible to overstate the importance of rice to many of the cuisines of India. In several Indian languages, the word for “rice” (annam) is the same as the word for “food.” Accordingly, we seek to better understand annam. Understanding principles of Ayurvedic eating and healing does not have to feel foreign or odd. The brilliant essays which make up this book are certain to educate and inspire.

Copyright 2018, softcover, 260 pages.

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