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Sharing the Lessons and Legacy of Michael Phillips

As the 4th annual Healthy Soil Summit takes place this week, we are reminded of the legacy of Michael Phillips, a farmer, author, speaker, and respected member of the Acres U.S.A. community. Although we lost this great voice for regenerative agriculture in February, his wisdom and his lessons endure.

Michael Phillips
Michael Phillips

Acres U.S.A. was fortunate enough to have Michael Phillips speak at our 2020 Healthy Soil Summit virtual event. We will be forever grateful for his contribution to this event, his lifelong commitment to healthy soil and regenerative agriculture, and his willingness to share his expertise with our community. In remembering Michael’s contribution, we want to share some of the lessons he taught us.

We’ve created an 8-part video series drawn from his lecture given at the 2020 Healthy Soil Summit. This series will live on our YouTube channel as a completely free resource for current and future farmers alike – as well as anyone seeking to learn more about regenerative agriculture. 

In these lessons, Michael Phillips provides a snapshot into the complex world of mycorrhizal fungi. Offering both fundamental knowledge and basic application, his teachings inspire and challenge us to be better stewards of the earth, while learning to honor the innate systems of the natural world in everything we do.

Growing a Living Soil video series

Watch the introductory video here, or find the full video series on YouTube here.

Screenshot of Michael Phillips talking about mycorrhizal fungi in introduction video of Growing a Living Soil free video series.
Screenshot from Growing a Living Soil introduction video with Michael Phillips.

For more information about Michael Phillips and his work – visit