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Super Soil Book Sale – This Weekend Only!

We’ve got an exciting Friday announcement just for you book lovers and education seekers out there. From today through Sunday, Aug. 15th, we are featuring a special sale-within-a-sale at the Acres U.S.A. bookstore!

For this weekend only, we are offering deeper discounts within our Soil Collection of books and audio. In addition to the extra discounts within the collection (up to 30% off for Acres U.S.A. soil books, for example), we’re offering an incredible discount of up to 50% off a list of our most useful and popular soil health books! Including:

Dirt to Soil

In Dirt to Soil, Gabe Brown tells the story of that amazing journey and offers a wealth of innovative solutions to our most pressing and complex contemporary agricultural challenge―restoring the soil. The Brown’s Ranch model, developed over two decades of experimentation and refinement, focuses on regenerating resources by continuously enhancing the living biology in the soil. Using regenerative agricultural principles, Brown’s Ranch has grown several inches of new topsoil in only 20 years! The 5,000-acre ranch profitably produces a wide variety of cash crops and cover crops as well as grass-finished beef and lamb, pastured laying hens, broilers, and pastured pork, all marketed directly to consumers.

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The Biological Farmer

In this greatly expanded, revised edition of a modern farming classic, Gary Zimmer draws on a lifetime of farming experience and adds in the latest science and experience on modern issues facing farmers including the impact of GMOs, herbicide-resistant weeds, and more. For decades, Gary Zimmer has been developing new ways to engage and support soil life. His system feeds soil microbes, balances soil minerals, promotes tillage with a purpose, and relies on both cover crops and diverse rotations.

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Advancing Biological Farming

This book offers invaluable scientific support for committed organic farmers as well as conventional farmers who’d like to reduce chemical inputs and use natural processes to their advantage. Advancing Biological Farming updates and expands upon Gary Zimmer’s classic, The Biological Farmer. Technically precise yet written in friendly language, this book is for everyone who wants a future in biological farming.

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Albrecht on Soil Balancing, Vol. VII

This collection of essays reveals a carefully organized and convincing explanation by Albrecht about the interconnection between soil, plants and animals – that everything is related to everything else. In these papers Albrecht reveals the importance of the balance equation, that it isn’t enough to have nutrient to soil connections, it is the ratio of one element to another that counts. Albrecht’s insight further reveals that an ounce of prevention in the form of balanced plant nutrition from fertile soils is better than a pound of cure using dangerous poisons. Albrecht’s work provides an indispensable foundation for anyone interested in sustainable, ecologically responsible agriculture.

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….. and more! Head over to the Soil Collection to check out our entire offering.

Even More Soil Book Savings

You will not get a better deal on soil books this summer! Fill up your library and even grab an extra copy for the other soil nerds in your life. But don’t wait – this sweetheart of a deal only lasts through Sunday, Aug. 15th! Shop the Super Soil Book Sale now.