The August 2020 issue of Acres U.S.A. magazine is now available to order for delivery and download for just $6.00. You will receive more than 100 pages of information about our August theme: Healthy Soils.

Inside the August issue, you will find:

  • Wines of Change by Allie Hymas: From a beyond-organic vineyard in Oregon, Mimi Casteel is thinking about soil and social justice 
  • Carbon cycling by Lauren Krizansky. Cycling carbon back into the soil after harvest is a quest for balance and lasting fertility.
  • Recipe for Life by Nigel Palmer. Culturing indigenous microorganisms is an effective method to capture soil microbes for a farm or garden.
  • Good Bug, Bad Bug? by Nicole Masters. They are a neccessary part of a healthy farm ecosystem.
  • and much more!

Also, read an opinion piece by Chris Newman on social justice challenges in farming.

As a bonus, entertain yourself with Paul Meyer’s essay on life as an intern on a farm. (Paul has been copy editing Acres U.S.A. the past few years.) 

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