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The Eco-Farming Book Sale Ends Next Week!

You have less than a week to take advantage of our bookstore deals! The Eco-Farming Book Sale features up to 80% off of books within our store! Don’t hesitate – buy your next summer read, or upcoming winter reads – now.

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Bargains at a Glance

Not sure what to get? Here are a few great deals you might enjoy!

A Precautionary Tale

Mals, Italy, has long been known as the breadbasket of the Tyrol. But recently the tiny town became known for something else entirely. A Precautionary Tale tells us why, introducing readers to an unlikely group of activists and a forward-thinking mayor who came together to ban pesticides in Mals by a referendum vote—making it the first place on Earth to accomplish such a feat, and a model for other towns and regions to follow.

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Cows Save the Planet

Rebuilding soil is only one aspect of this important, paradigm-shifting book. Drawing on the work of thinkers and doers, renegade scientists and institutional whistleblowers from around the world, Schwartz challenges much of the conventional thinking about global warming and other problems. Cows Save the Planet is at once a primer on soil’s pivotal role in our ecology and economy and an antidote to those awash in despairing environmental news. It is also an important call to action on behalf of the soil — and, by extension, those of us who benefit from it.

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The Ultimate Guide to Soil

The book begins with a personality test for your soil, then uses that information to plan a course of action for revitalizing poor soil and turning good dirt into great earth. Next, you’ll learn to start and maintain a no-till garden, to balance nutrients with remineralization, and to boost organic matter with easy cover crops. Don’t forget the encyclopedic overview of organic soil amendments at the end. Old standbys such as manures and mulches are explained in depth along with less common additions such as bokashi compost and castings from worms and black soldier fly larvae.

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