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Three Ways to Get Involved with the 2021 Healthy Soil Summit

Join us for the 3rd annual Healthy Soil Summit event, taking place this August 25-26.

Farmers, growers and ranchers searching for an advantage in today’s marketplace will learn from real farmers who practice what they teach. The event’s agenda includes detailed tactics to build soil resilience, increase water storage capacity and decrease costly inputs and programs.

Here are 3 different ways you can get involved with this year’s event:

1 – Attend the Event

Not only will you learn the ecological efficiencies of balancing the chemistry, biology and physical properties of your soil, but you will also learn how these tactics can decrease long-term fertilizer, herbicide and pesticide costs.

Check out our in-depth sessions in the agenda, as well as our fantastic speaker lineup. Convinced? Register here!

2 – Become a Sponsor or Exhibitor

Our sponsor and exhibitor packages highlight the best ways to engage with a virtual event audience, in addition to, print and digital audiences. Plus, we’ve added a short presentation, during our event, in every sponsor/exhibitor package!

Email our Acres U.S.A. events team at to learn more!

3 – Place an Ad in the Healthy Soil Summit Booklet

Can you solve a problem for farmers? Write about it in our Healthy Soil Problem Solving Booklet. Two-page native article spots are available! 10,000 booklets will be printed and the digital booklet will be shared with our digital audiences.

Email the Acres U.S.A. events team for more details about the 2021 Healthy Soil Summit booklet at

You can take a look at the 2020 Healthy Soil Summit booklet here.