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Top 10 Bestselling Books in 2022 at the Acres U.S.A. Bookstore

You can find hundreds of titles at the Acres U.S.A. Bookstore related to all aspects of economical, ecological, regenerative farming – from soil health and weed management to gardening and livestock care, from farm business planning to human health and industry trends, and many in between.

2022 was a good year in books for Acres U.S.A., culminating in the publication of Voices From the Soil, Vol. 1. This book – featured in print for the first time at the 2022 Eco-Ag Conference & Trade Show in Covington, Kentucky, this December – is a collection of 25 interviews of experts in eco-farming, collected over the decades of Acres U.S.A.’s existence.

And now, without further ado – is our list of the Top 10 Bestselling titles within the Acres U.S.A. Bookstore for the year of 2022:

10 – Weeds – Control Without Poisons by Charles Walters

It’s no surprise this book by Acres U.S.A. founder Charles Walters made the list! This book provides specifics on a hundred weeds, why they grow, what soil conditions spur them on or stop them, what they say about your soil, and how to control them without the obscene presence of poisons. All cross-referenced by scientific and various common names, and a pictorial glossary. Learn more here.

9 – Dr. Paul Dettloff’s Complete Guide to Raising Animals Organically by Dr. Paul Dettloff

Dr. Paul Dettloff’s Complete Guide to Raising Animals Organically is a hands-on reference for anyone at any level of experience who is interested in helping ruminants achieve optimal health naturally. In this book, Dr. Paul Dettloff hands over a literal lifetime of learning and observation on how to raise livestock in healthier, more productive, and more humane ways. He teaches how to move from the current conventional veterinary practice of chasing symptoms toward a holistic, sustainable practice that seeks the cause behind the symptoms and values the lives of animals as well as the humans who consume their products. Learn more here.

8 – Natural Sheep Care by Pat Coleby

In this comprehensive guide for all breeders of sheep, whether for wool, meat or milk, animal husbandry expert Pat Coleby covers breeds of sheep, wool, meat and milk production, feeding requirements, poisonous plants, land management, minerals and vitamins, herbal, homeopathic and natural remedies, and more. Learn more here.

7 – The Farm as Ecosystem by Jerry Brunetti

With this unique perspective, the author guides the reader on a journey through the modern farm as an ecosystem, providing intimate anecdotes and comprehensive details that appreciate all dimensions of the farm. Brunetti’s work is invaluable to the contemporary farmer and to those seeking an original appraisal of farming and its future. Learn more here.

6 – Sea Energy Agriculture by Maynard Murray

Reprinted by popular demand! Maynard Murray was a medical doctor who researched the crucial importance of minerals — especially trace elements — to plants and animals. Beginning in 1938 and continuing through the 1950s, Dr. Murray used sea solids — mineral salts remaining after water is evaporated from ocean water — as fertilizer on a variety of vegetables, fruits and grains. His extensive experiments demonstrated repeatedly and conclusively that plants fertilized with sea solids and animals fed sea-solid-fertilized feeds grow stronger and more resistant to disease. Learn more here.

5 – Dirt to Soil by Gabe Brown

As a series of weather-related crop disasters put Gabe Brown and his wife, Shelly, in desperate financial straits, they started making bold changes to their farm. Brown―in an effort to simply survive―began experimenting with new practices he’d learned about from reading and talking with innovative researchers and ranchers. As he and his family struggled to keep the farm viable, they found themselves on an amazing journey into a new type of farming: regenerative agriculture. Learn more here.

4 – Water for Any Farm by Mark Shepard

Written as a companion to Restoration Agriculture, this book will help farmers capture water in areas they want to, and avoid having water flow immediately to the low point. The result? Less water expense, healthier crops and livestock, and less erosion … just to name a few. Written by permaculture and agroforestry expert, and frequent Acres U.S.A. event speaker Mark Shepard. Learn more here.

3 – Hands-On Agronomy by Neal Kinsey

Hands-On Agronomy is a comprehensive manual on effective soil fertility management providing many on-farm examples to illustrate the various principles and how to use them. The function of micronutrients, earthworms, soil drainage, tilth, soil structure, and organic matter is explained in thorough detail. Learn more here.

2 – Restoration Agriculture by Mark Shepard

Restoration Agriculture explains how we can have all of the benefits of natural, perennial ecosystems and create agricultural systems that imitate nature in form and function while still providing for our food, building, fuel and many other needs — in your own backyard, farm or ranch. This book, based on real-world practices, presents an alternative to the agriculture system of eradication and offers exciting hope for our future. Learn more here.

1 – When Weeds Talk by Jay L. McCaman

Here it is – our most popular book of the year! This is the 2nd edition of the book formerly titled Weeds and Why They Grow. Acres U.S.A. has long shown that weed control lies in fertility management. Every weed grows in a somewhat narrow window of allowable soil conditions. In this book, hundreds of weeds of commercial importance are detailed along with the chemical analysis of accompanying soils. Learn more here.

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