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Tractor Time #67: Anne Biklé and David Montgomery

There’s a new episode of our Tractor Time Podcast available! Have you listened yet? Episode #67 welcomes Anne Biklé and David Montgomery, as well as co-host Sarah Day Levesque, to the program.

Guests Anne Biklé and David Montgomery

David Montgomery and Anne Bikle

Anne and David recently published What Your Food Ate, a deep dive into the research around regenerative agriculture tactics. They read hundreds of research papers, talked with dozens of practitioners and ended up … hopeful. Listen in as they talk about their book, how they see us building a more resilient human being through changing our food supply to focus on nutrient density, microbiology and plain old common sense.

Listen here to Anne and David’s episode on Tractor Time – or download it from your favorite podcast provider!

Anne and David will also be giving a keynote presentation at the 2022 Eco-Ag Conference & Trade Show! Watch them talk about it in this video on the Acres U.S.A. YouTube channel:

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