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Tractor Time Live Episode Launches New Book by Jeff Moyer

November 12, 2020

Jeff Moyer’s new book, Roller/Crimper No-Till, is now available for sale from Acres U.S.A. The author joined Tractor Time podcast host Ben Trollinger on Nov. 11, 2020, for a live broadcast to promote the book. Moyer, with the help of a neighbor, built the first Roller/Crimper in 2004. (Replay available.)

“The tool is simply a tool. The reason it’s successful is really the cover crops,” he said. “Cover crop systems aren’t perfect and we have to understand what the limitations are.” Weed pressure can be one negative result from moving toward a no-till system, he said, and does require management.

The Roller/Crimper is placed on the front of a tractor and helps move biological plant material into the area of the soil where it can be digested and turned into nutrients for the next year. It pinches the straw shut, which kills the perennial cover crop plant, and allows it to be replaced by next year’s annual crop.

Moyer, the CEO of the Rodale Institute, is based in Kutztown, Pennsylvania. He served as the farm director for more than 30 years before moving into his role of CEO.

Cover crops are part of the larger regenerative ag system, and even that term came under discussion. Regenerative is measurable, and about progress, versus other terms commonly used in eco-ag conversations.

Sustainability, Moyer said, almost means nothing. “If someone asked you to describe your relationship, and you said it was sustainable, would your partner be happy?” His point, he elaborated, is that regenerative is much stronger, even in its meaning outside of an ag context.

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