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We Will Never Buy a Rocket

On this Small Business Saturday, it’s time to think about the cumulative end result of our consumer choices. After all, the world’s wealthiest have made a spectacle out of their good fortune this year. Who will ever forget Jeff Bezos’s trip to space, cowboy hat and all?

So today is about asking that extra question, and understanding what is so vital about economic diversity and the need for businesses, big and small. It’s time to think about impact. Where will our hard-earned money go? Is it helping educate and regenerate humanity? Or is it buying a faux astronaut some faux Western wear?

That said, you do have a choice. Most businesses using Amazon or large national retailers as a front also have their own eCommerce center, and Acres U.S.A. is no different. You just have to click a couple more times — but the effort is worth it. When you purchase directly from us, there are clear advantages that help support our network of authors and agriculture professionals.

Here are a few:

• Our authors, most of whom are farmers still trying to pay the bills, receive up to 25% more commissions when you purchase directly from our store, helping compensate them for the time and expertise they shared in their books.

• Your choice to shop directly with us supports a diverse set of employees who work locally in Northern Colorado and support our local communities. Everyone on our team volunteers and gives back regularly.

• We will never buy a spaceship. I promise. That said, we will now start a new annual tradition by writing you a limerick to summarize our feelings about where you should shop this holiday season and on Small Business Saturday.

If you’re looking for a gift for your mom,
or any friend or family, stay calm. 
As Bezos flew off in a rocket
He had all the world’s cash in his pocket
Don’t shop Amazon; Shop

Thanks for the time and for considering shopping directly with us, or any small business you choose to support. Just avoid that guy in the cowboy hat, if you can.


Ryan Slabaugh
Acres U.S.A.

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