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Webinar Review: Soil Microbes

Just recently, Acres U.S.A. GM and Publisher Ryan Slabaugh sat down (virtually) with Holganix President Dave Stark, Ph.D., for an informative webinar on soil microbes.

The webinar, sponsored by Holganix, took an in-depth look at the role of soil microbes in breaking down crop residue and building soil health. ​

Screenshot of soil microbes webinar intro slide

Dave Stark became president of Holganix in 2015, leading the company’s efforts in agricultural commercial development, R&D and overseeing various studies. ​Stark has 26 peer-reviewed scientific articles and holds nine patents. ​

In the webinar, Stark walked through the following:

  • The role of soil microbes in soil health, crop residue breakdown, crop performance and nutrient efficiency​
  • Best practices for building soil health​
  • How soil health can lead to improved profit per acre for the farm​
  • Insights and data from university studies and Holganix studies on incorporating soil health practices.​

Where to Watch

If you missed the webinar live – not to worry! You can watch it for free at the Acres U.S.A. YouTube channel here: The Role of Microbes with Dr. David Stark.

Dave Stark in Holganix soil microbes webinar
Dave Stark discusses soil microbes in his recent webinar.

Where To Learn More

This webinar is a great way to learn about soil microbes, and once you’ve finished, there are even more resources available!

On the Page: “Teaming With” book bundle by Jeff Lowenfels

The “Teaming With” book bundle includes 3 titles by Jeff Lowenfels.

This great deal bundles all three books by expert gardener Jeff Lowenfels. Teaming with Microbes reviews the benefits of the soil food web. Teaming with Nutrients explains the basics of plant nutrition from an organic gardener’s perspective. Teaming with Fungi is an important guide to mycorrhizae and the role they play in agriculture, horticulture, and hydroponics. Learn more about the “Teaming With” book bundle here.

On the Screen: Free Soil Health articles on

The Eco-Farming Daily website is a great resource for farmers, growers and ranchers looking to get in-depth information on soil health, economical and ecological farming, livestock integration, perennial crops, and more. Check out the entire Soil Health section, or get started with these popular, informative articles:

In Person: Events with Acres U.S.A.

Gary Zimmer stands in field surrounded by event attendees
Gary Zimmer teaches about soil health in his own fields during the 2021 On-Farm Intensive. Learn more at

One of the best ways for farmers to learn is in person – with the soil under their boots and the fields in front of them. Any Acres U.S.A. event is going to provide an opportunity to meet experts and network with fellow growers. Some upcoming events include:

The On-Farm Intensive with Gary Zimmer – Visit Gary’s Otter Creek Organic Farm in Lone Rock, Wisconsin! Walk the fields with the father of biological farming to learn about cover cropping, equipment, soil health and more! Learn more at

The Eco-Ag Conference & Trade Show – this annual event has been running for over 45 years and is still going strong! Choose between in-depth all-day workshops and comprehensive conference sessions on topics ranging from livestock integration, soil microbes, human health, and much more! Learn more at

Stay Informed on Soil Health

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