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We’re Halfway Through the March Book Fair Sale

It’s March 15, which means we’ve reached the halfway point of our 2021 March Book Fair Sale! Early in the year is a great time to assess your personal library and fill in any gaps in your bookshelf.

The March Book Fair Sale offers discounts of anywhere from 20-80% off of titles, including Acres U.S.A. published books. Our most popular book collections include books on Healthy Soils, Raising Livestock, Permaculture and more!

If you’re still not sure, here’s an example of some great deals you can find:

5 Books for $10 or Less

  1. How to Grow Top Quality Corn by Dr. Harold Willis – $8.40
  2. How to Grow Super Soybeans by Dr. Harold Willis – $8.40
  3. Raw Materials Economics by Charles Walters – $9.80
  4. Starting Seeds by Barbara W. Ellis – $7.16
  5. Neem – India’s Miraculous Healing Plant by Ellen Norten – $7.96

Bonus Children’s Book!

Food in the Flowers by Polly W. Cheney – $8.00

We have hundreds of titles available so don’t delay – find your best deals now at the 2021 March Book Fair Sale!