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Soil Innovation presentations are short presentations from some of the most innovative operations in soil health delivered throughout the Healthy Soil Summit program.

Interested in learning more about these presentations and how your company can get involved? Email Rachel Wobeter at events@acres or call 970-392-5627.

August 25 : 1 – 2 p.m. PDT
August 26 : 8 – 9 a.m. PDT

(Please note the Pacific Daylight Time zone)

Talk with eco-farming companies at our free Healthy Soil Summit Event! Everyone is welcome to participate in this event, no need to have a Healthy Soil Summit Ticket. We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to talk live with one or all of our sponsors and soil experts and find solutions for your farm’s soil health problems.

All you need to do is register for the meetings(s) you want to join and we will send you an email with a link to join the meeting. The link we send will work for August 25 and August 26. The content will be the same on both days of the Soil Innovation Hours, so feel free to join either day. Read about all of our Soil Innovators below!

Soil Health Improved through Humates

Have you got questions about humic and fulvic acids? Learn how humates can help improve your soil health. Live Earth’s Humate expert and Certified Crop Advisor will answer any questions you may have regarding humate use on the farm or provide recent news in the humic substance industry.


Led by our sponsor, Live Earth Products

Increasing Beneficial Microbes in Soil with Fresh Fish Fertilizers

Formulating your growing program for the coming season? Learn how fish can help improve your soil health. Great Western Sales’s expert and inventor of Organic Gem, Lew Spencer, will answer any questions you may have regarding biological growing and how to leverage naturally occurring microbes to increase yields.


Led by our sponsor, Great Western/Organic Gem

Compost: The Cure to Common Soils

Learn how nutrient rich soil amendments made from a diverse feedstock can be custom blended with other amendments to meet the needs of your individual farm or ranch. Recology Organics creates high quality composts, mulches and custom soil blends through a zero-waste system for farms and ranches in California and Oregon. Come hear a success story about how compost is helping to combat climate change!


Led by our sponsor, Recology Organics

Resilient Soils with Biological Inputs

Learn about the use of biological inputs in an agriculture system that relies less on chemical inputs. We’ll discuss our experience in many crops at large scale, building resilient soils and producing economically sustainable farming. And we’ll address your questions about applying these principles.


Led by our sponsor, Pacific Gro

Soil Biology: A Critical Component to a Successful Crop

Beneficial soil microbes are key to an active soil digestive system which promotes soil nutrition and nutrient availability to the plant. Join Certified Crop Consultants Dennis Warnecke and Steve Becker for a discussion about the vitally important, and often overlooked, role of soil biology in a successful growing program.


Led by our sponsor, Tainio Bio

Incorporating Eco-Friendly Fungicides, Herbicides, and Insecticides on Your Farm

Erik our Crop Scientist will be presenting our Certified Organic Herbicide, Weed Slayer, pesticide, Agropest and antibacterial antifungal product, Thyme Guard. He will also be presenting our Biological line of Soil Amendments with the Agro Gold Product family and our specialty Fertilizer products, Sea Tonic, Sea Tonic Gold and PenGuan.


Led by our sponsor, Agro Research International